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Independent installation - completely independent installation, modular injection unit

Convenient installation - easy to setup on the origianal injection molding machine, rapidly expanding the function of original molding machine

Flexible & movable installtion - quickly replaced from one to another injection molding machine,independent multiple injection module can be quickly stacked on one machine

Closed loop System - Velocity, pressure, position closed loop injection system

Multi segment of programing system - up to eight segment of injection & eight segment of pressure holding digital programming function, can be used for precise multi-shot molding or overlayer injection for thick wall products

Remote control - reserved high-speed COM port that can remote control, monitor production data and proceed quality management

Humanized operation interface - optional 8-15” touch screen, hard card storage, and store more than 150 sets of mould process parameters

High safety - host action circuit can form safety interlock, ensuring the security of the operation and use

Optional installation - independent injection unit can be installed on the mould flexibly. Installation modes: like vertex type & rear type on fixed platen, and oblique type on main injection unit